Ford Floor Mats in Seneca, SC, Serving Anderson, Clemson, & Pickens

With genuine Ford Floor Mats from Lake Keowee Ford in Seneca, SC - serving Anderson, Clemson, Pickens, Easley, Greenville, SC, and Lavonia, GA - you can keep your interior carpet looking as pristine as the day you bought your Ford. For year-round protection from outdoor elements, Ford thermoplastic and all-weather thermoplastic mats keep what you do track into your vehicle from getting ground into the carpet. The mats' deep grooves and raised edges hold onto water, dirt, grass, leaves, and more. Debris is trapped until you wash it off, a task that's easy with a simple soap and water application. Thanks to the nibbed backing and the driver’s side retention, mats won’t go sliding around.

For alternate interior aesthetic, choose Ford carpeted mats, which are made of a premium-grade carpet and fitted to the curves in the floorboard of your specific Ford model. Mats also have special backing to secure their position, and all genuine Ford mats will have your model's logo branded onto them for a unique look.

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