Tips for Summer Service

Whether you’re planning a road trip or staying close to the shores of Lake Keowee, summer is one of the best times for a family excursion. But the comforts of nice weather can be offset by car troubles.


With services for your Ford vehicles like the F-150, Focus, Mustang, Taurus and more, it’s better to be proactive, catching problems before they turn into bigger ones.


Here are a few of the most common and useful services that we at Lake Keowee Ford recommend you consider before extended travel or scorching hot weather.


Coolant change: Cars are more susceptible to overheating in summer – overheating is the biggest cause of summer breakdowns, according to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Flush and refill your cooling system once every 24 months – so if you didn’t flush it last summer, you’re probably due.


Air conditioning: This is one of those things that is technically a luxury but feels like a necessity during summers in upstate South Carolina. You might not notice that your air isn’t functioning well until it’s too hot to not notice. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for how often your cabin air filter should be changed. If you have a leak in your A/C, you’ll want to have a technician repair it: just adding refrigerant is only a temporary solution.


Tire Tread


Tires: Nothing’s worse than getting a flat on vacation and realizing you never replaced that spare. Check before you hit the road that your spare tire is there and in good condition if it is needed. It’s also helpful to verify tire pressure before you start the vehicle so you’re minimizing risk while maximizing gas mileage. Additionally, your tires should be rotated once every five miles.



Oil change: Before you pack the car full of luggage and go on that cross-country trip, it’s important to make sure you’ve got fresh oil. It’s common, inexpensive maintenance that pays dividends in the long run and extends the shelf life of your Ford. Check your owner’s manual, though the timeframe is generally every 3-6 months and 3,000-6,000 miles.


If you’re looking to service your Ford near Anderson, Easley, Clemson or Greenville, Lake Keowee Ford in Seneca offers an extensive suite of services rendered by factory-trained technicians. Click here for service hours and to submit an online appointment request. Or, give our service department a call at 888-459-8611.