Ford is Going Green

More and more automakers are making the movement to more environmentally friendly practices these days, but Ford Motor Company has outlined and publicly discussed several of their attempts to go green and lessen the impact the company leaves on the planet. The company's objectives include improving fuel economy, conserving energy, and reducing emissions.

Much of Ford's fabric is made of sustainable material; recycled fabric seating surfaces are a big move for the company in the direction of conservation. The use of recycled interior materials reduces the use of water, electricity, and the production of carbon dioxide emissions. Ford also has created the Fumes-to-Fuel program, which is a system of generating power that takes in and burns paint fumes to create electricity.

This process serves the purposes of both destroying harmful paint fumes while also producing a self-sustaining source of energy for the factory.

Hybrid Logo

Ford Hybrid

With the release of various hybrid vehicles and the innovation of EcoBoost technology, Ford is making headway into the realm of greener cars, and is taking steps to appeal to consumers without sacrificing the well-being of our world.

Ford has also set aside 200 acres of land around its corporate headquarters in Michigan to allow for the growth of natural prairies and fields of wildflowers. These “Grow Zones” absorb rainwater and provide habitats for local wildlife, conserving the nature surrounding the company properties.

Ford Motor Company also leads the pack when it comes to fuel-efficient transmissions, and introduced the first heavy-duty pickup truck with a clean diesel engine. The company is also a multi-year winner of the EPA Energy Star Award for their efforts to become more eco-friendly in both the engineering of their vehicles and in the way the company runs their factories.

We’re proud to sell cars striving to make a positive difference in the future of our planet.